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The world’s most beautiful volcanic island and the famous sunset.

Elia Cave Apartments

Living the dream

Elia Cave Apartments rests beautifully on the Caldera, right at the heart of Fira, the capital of Santorini. You'll have unparalleled access to the bustling village from our suites, enjoy breathtaking views of the ethereal landscape, and inhale fresh gentle breezes wafting from the Aegean Sea.

Being this close to the capital, you're just 4 minutes away from many of the island's fun and popular tourist zones. For example, we're a few minutes from the famous Exo Gialos Beach, the Archaeological Museum of Thera, and the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral.

To top this, our apartments are just 20 minutes from the Seaport and Santorini International airport. Furthermore, the central Bus station is less than 6 minutes away, ensuring you never get stranded while exploring the beautiful village of Fira.

Santorini is famed for its romantic sunsets, fantastic rock formations, and picturesque villages, and luckily, we're right at the center of all the beauty. So, whether you're looking for a lifetime adventure or just seeking a warm place for a vacation, Elia Cave has all it takes to make your trip memorable!


“The balcony to the Aegean”

More than 1,000 years ago the philosopher Thales of Miletus called Santorini “the most beautiful sight of our world”, and indeed, Santorini is quite a sight.

Santorini is an exotic island among the Cyclades group of islands in the southern Aegean Sea, about 100 km from mainland Greece. It is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. It has a population of 11,000 and sits on top of a giant active volcano that formed the island, with its field of volcanic rocks that resemble the steps to heaven its, blue lava fields (capable of changing colours at sunset), green pools, and fascinating geology as seen in its caves and lava tubes.

The beauty of the island is unparalleled and has been the inspiration for artists and writers for centuries. The island’s whitewashed buildings rising up the steep hillsides like castles with blue domes and red roofs, the white alluring beaches, and the fine volcanic ash sand that feel like silk against your toes, romantic sunsets, and rock formations, and picturesque villages, have all contributed in making Santorini one of the world’s most spectacular destinations.But it’s not just the sightseeing that makes Santorini a top tourist destination, the island is more than just a pretty face, the food is amazing too!


The locals have perfected their own version of Greek Cuisine, which combines traditional Greek dishes with local ingredients such as fresh seafood and seasonal fruits like figs or grapes. Then there’s the wine! Santorini is well renowned for its exotic traditional wine and contains large vineyards capable of producing hundreds of different wine varieties that can rival the finest vintage wines. You can’t make up the taste!
The combination of stunning views and romantic spots has made this island a place where lovers feel special to be together. However, the real beauty of Santorini lies in the temperament of its People.

Relishing and engaging in fun activities with the locals like hiking through the rocky trails of the Skaros rock, diving underwater in scenic azure seas, wine tasting and other beautiful experiences make the overall experience rewarding. Santorini has a great wealth of history and culture, many interesting museums, and five breathtaking castles every tourist should certainly explore.

In the end, Santorini has something interesting to offer everyone, and with an abundance of beautiful activities, awe-inspiring sceneries, and wonderful attractions, you would definitely enjoy your time here. Settle in, and indulge in this immersive experience of Santorini island.


Getting to Santorini
Pack & Go!
Travel to Santorini by Air

From whichever country you are, board a plane down to Santorini, Greece, choosing the Santorini International airport as your destination. Our Suites is less than 6km away from the airport. From here, the property offers a paid airport shuttle service to and from the Suites. You can also opt to take a taxi directly from the airport to our suites.

Travel to Santorini by Boat

Sail down with a ship or boat down to The Santorini Port, just 5km away from the hotel. There are taxis available to take guests straight down to the hotel.

Travel between the Islands

You can move between the islands with a ferry boat, a private boat, a sailing boat or even with a helicopter. Whichever mean of transportation you choose, you will enjoy every second of this trip. When you arrive, you can choose between car/bike rental, shuffle services or taxi with an extra cost for guests pick up wherever they are. Do contact us once you’re on your way.

Getting To Us

A ride of wonderful landscapes
Directions from the Airport

The International Airport of Santorini (JTR), less than 3 miles from the apartment, takes flights from various destinations around Europe, the USA, and Canada. Tourists may also choose to travel first to Athens and then connect onto a local flight to Santorini, which takes just under an hour.After arriving at the airport, you can use the bus station between the arrivals and departure buildings. The buses depart from there to take visitors to the central bus station in Fira village, about 4 km away.

If you speak with us ahead, we can arrange a paid shuttle to pick you up and bring you directly to our suites. Car rental services are also available at the airport.

Directions from the Port

The Santorini port (Athinios) is about 2 miles away from the apartment. There is a bus station available at the port of Santorini. From there, visitors who have arrived by ferry can take a bus to Fira Central bus station, a few kilometres away. We also offer paid shuttles to convey visitors straight from the port to the apartment, or we can help you arrange for a car rental service.

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